2 Successful Businesses by 24. Here's Vella Monica's Secret as an Entrepreneur.

In lieu of Women’s Day that fell on 9 March, we interviewed some of the most inspiring ladies of our generation. Vella Monica, 24, who started out her e-commerce venture through Guilty Pleasure Lashes and Pandora Perfume, with the former averaging at 25K followers on Instagram. She is on our radar as an up-and-coming young entrepreneur of the year.

Based in Jakarta, the owner of the 2 businesses began her journey with zeal and courage in the face of challenges. “Mistakes are crucial in order for us to grow stronger. Learn from the mistakes.” shares Vella, in an online interview with Macchiato.

“Fall 9 times and get up 10!” The passionate lady continues, “Life is about balance. Learn and reflect on our failures, cherish the moment when we nailed our goals. Always learn to include people in our lives, people power is a true strength!”

When asked about what propelled her to do what she does today, she quoted, “Persistence, hard work, seeing the world in bigger picture and maintaining positive habits in daily activities. Most of all, it is to live righteously according to Jesus Christ.”

However, all was not smooth-sailing, as she too, has faced some gender bias in her career. “Women are always seen as less than men. Less superior, less rational, less this and that,” Vella says.

Despite that, Vella found her footing by celebrating what women have to offer. “And at the end of the day, women should empower themselves, and clap for themselves in order for us to be strong and to be able to prove that we are capable.”

Not only is she one who exudes beauty, but she is benevolent to others around her as she aspires to contribute to society through meaningful means.

When asked about what she would do if she had all the money in the world, the influential entrepreneur says, “I will give 80% donation to the poor and needy, to serve these people peace and love on the table. After all, our lives in this world are just temporary. Do something good to mark our existence while we are still alive.”

Connect with her here.

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