Beauty Queen, Mother and Businesswoman. What are her motivations?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

On women’s day, we want to celebrate women who grit their teeth by balancing both family and career. We present to you, Zulaiha Anjalika Kamis Gunnelfsen, known to her friends and family as Anjalika. Being a mother is a full-time commitment and in spite of that, she continued to pursue her dream and established an Image Branding and Lifestyle business. She is also a partner and editor of Marketing In Asia.

The crowning queen of Mrs. Singapore Globe 2017, Anjalika accredits her success to her determination and grit. “When I set my mind on something, I’ll definitely see it through. Without doubt, this has the biggest influence on the things I have achieved so far.”

The mother of 2 manages to balance fitness and body wellness amidst her busy schedule. “I wake up at five every morning then straight to the gym for a workout. The alone time at the gym gives me clarity to get through the day.”

The yoga enthusiast advises, “I journal, I read lots of books especially on personal development, I listen to podcasts and seek opinion from those I look up to.”

“Eva, despite her crazy, busy schedule managed to make everything look a breeze.” shares Anjalika, as she quotes Eva Chen, head of Fashion Partnerships for Instagram, as one of her sources of inspiration. “This is someone who has to juggle her high demand job, work travels, being a wife and mom to two young kids. My personal mantra these days; if Eva can do it, Anjalika can do it too!”

The journey to where she is today is not an easy one as she faced discrimination in her previous work place. “I ran the marketing department of a football club years ago. Walking into meetings or events I’ve always faced wolf whistles, inappropriate stares and gendered titles like honey, babe or sweetheart,” Anjalika expresses. “This was way before the existence of the #MeToo movement.”

The #MeToo Movement was sparked off by Tarana Burke in 2006, in response to a young victim of sexual abuse. The movement got rekindled in 2017 after actress Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter to encourage women to stand up for themselves and to post their sexual harassment experiences with the hashtag #MeToo, causing a trend worldwide(1). Since 2017, cases of sexual assault cases has begun to resurface and be dealt with.

“I’m glad to say, things have definitely changed for the better over the years; still some work to do - slowly but surely we are getting there,” the confident career woman says.

Despite her challenges, Anjalika continues to be a role model for us women, as she plans to lay down the groundwork for an animal shelter chain that provides genuine love and support to its beneficiaries.

“Success is the innate feeling of happiness and contentment when I wake up every morning – to love and being loved, obsessed with what I do for a living and knowing my family is healthy and in a good place.”

Connect with her here.


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