TikTok Is The Next Big Thing Advertisers Should Watch Out For. Here's 4 Reasons Why.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

3 years ago, not having an account on Instagram is an anomaly.

Instagram was THE digital platform back in my university days. In my first year, I started an account. Not many around me knew what Instagram was. The following year, I had friends who began using Instagram. I had 100 followers then. By year three though, every student in university has an account. Influencers from my school became the talk of town.

Fast forward today, not having a TikTok account… is VERY WEIRD.

The three year-old app reached over 2 billion downloads worldwide in April 2020, with the app claiming the “most downloaded app” title in 2018 and 2019. Developed by ByteDance, the app is the only one in the top 5 most downloaded app list and not owned by Facebook. TikTok has become the next Instagram. Perhaps, it is set to surpass it as well.

Even with that statistics, I was not convinced. I doubt that any other platforms can replace our social media staples - Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, TikTok is relatively unknown to the peers at my age.

Why should I care about this new platform?

While I don’t, I continue to be intrigued.

That being said, days after downloading TikTok, I began laughing at the contents uploaded each day. When I am bored, I turn on the app and I know I will be entertained.

There were quirky ones, creative ones, and sometimes even cringey ones. Then, I realised something - they fed the younger generation with entertainment that they were craving for.

Some TikTok compilations to keep you entertained

Here are some of the reasons why brands must get on board with TikTok:

1. Authenticity sells and builds trust!

As Influencer Marketing adequately phrased, “It’s important to remember that TikTok is a safe space where authenticity reigns supreme. It is less impactful being flawless and stellar to raw and real.”

TikTok is very raw and real. Done and produced by people like you and me. Gone were the days that people were looking at the glamour of celebrities and the vigour of political leaders. They want to know who you are.

66% of its users are under the age of 30 years old which belongs to Millennials and Gen Z. Both generations prize the value of content creation. A study by VICE media shows that 75% of Gen Zers in Canada look for original content. To grab the attention of the young, being original and authentic is the answer. Being ‘you’ is celebrated like never before.

2. Short format videos are driving disruptions

TikTok aka the app we once did and still do anything and everything to steer away from the infamous cringe-inducing dance challenges. That aside, the 15-60 second time frame presents the opportunity to deliver more concise DIY, How-To tutorials, product reviews and demonstrations, and serious social messages.

Shorter attention spans= rise of short-format video platforms.

The pluses do not simply stop there.

3. Bridges Influencer Marketing and Viral Trends

Various industries such as F&B, cosmetics, fashion, and even record labels to give a few examples have begun venturing into TikTok through capitalizing on their existing influencer outreach.

Chipotle in the United States quickly stirred multiple trending videos in TikTok. Their campaign, #guacdance, and #chipotlesponsorme garnered 1 billion views and 2 billion views respectively. For the latter campaign, Chipotle brand ambassador David Dobrik had a say in which TikTok user gets to be sponsored, reflecting his stripes earned throughout his years being an influential figure.

A compilation of Chipotle's #chipotlesponsorme campaign

Their campaigns sustained viral trends with long lasting impact on its viewers. All because they communicated to their audience - the Millennials and Gen Z.

4. Vertical video is no longer the format for the clueless videographer MediaBrix reported vertical video ads gain a 90% completion rate, the visuals taking up most of a mobile viewing area. Holding a smartphone upright eliminates the need to turn the screen, making it a potential turn off. Simply put: optional dimensions + compatibility with mobile gestures (tapping, scrolling, swiping, omnichannel sharing) = stronger mobile ad engagement.

So what will Macchiato be doing?

Macchiato has paired with BaristaUno, another F&B business, for TikTok influencer marketing. BaristaUno is a fast growing coffee business that recognizes a rising consumption of specialty coffee amongst the Millennials and Gen Zers. More of these digital campaigns will be coming soon.

First mover advantage is perennial. They are like first impressions. Once formed, it is hard to go away. It is not too late to get on board as content consumers on Tik Tok are now growing at a faster rate than content producers. In Macchiato, we want to be part of the journey brands partner to venture into TikTok. Every new trail exploration is littered with uncertainty. That feeling fades away when an experienced guide is there for us, with us.

We believe we can be that experienced guide.

Actualising their potential in the platform, is what we desire to see.

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