V-MORE AdTech Revolutionized Digital Promotion and Advertising. Here’s Why.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

V-MORE platform is easily accessible on mobile phones

Big Data on spending behaviours in digital spheres like social media and search engines have been the talk of the town for marketers. Obtaining it allows the company to optimize their ad spend with the right audience, hence, companies are eager to get their hands on the data. This became possible with the development of advertising technology.

The ease of access to digital platforms through the rise of smartphone ownership over the years has placed digital marketing on every company’s roadmap for promotion and advertising. According to eMarketer, the e-commerce sector is expected to continue its growth to $5 trillion by 2023, showing that tapping into the e-commerce sector through digital platforms displays immense potential for revenue growth.

Resources pumped into digital ad spend does not necessarily yield the desired returns on ad spend (ROAS) most brands are expecting. A brand can be mentioned on every platform, but it may not lead to a transaction. A contributing factor is the lack of understanding the data acquired.

Attributing to poor ROAS is advertising fraud. Ad fraud is a rampant concern in digital advertising. It is expected to become the second most lucrative form of organized crime in the coming decade. Fraud can masquerade as impressions which can be as high as 400 million a day costing up to $5.2 million in daily revenue. Ad fraud companies have an arsenal of 1.7 million unique IP addresses from computers infected with malware, making it difficult to track down genuine views.

Companies will still need to pay for more despite facing bot clicks, and not from actual viewers. With unreliable data representation, tracking the effectiveness of ad spend is close to impossible. Hence, marketers have been turning to programmatic advertising, otherwise known as advertising technology.

Now, marketers are keeping tabs on AdTech or programmatic technology that comes up to beat the issue of ad fraud and to capture the massive Big Data out there as accurately as possible. 74% of marketers are looking out for ad agencies with AdTech amongst their toolkits.

How does it all change with V-MORE AdTech?

V-MORE is an omni-channel platform that employs such technology which reduces the likelihood of ad fraud. V-MORE is a one-stop marketplace for high-quality products that are value for money. Its unique “shop, save and earn” programme has won the trust of many online shoppers.

Through V-MORE, consumers can shop and be rewarded at over 500 marketplace and shopping sites including leading online brands, hotel and flight booking sites, technology as well as food and beverages merchants.

To access the platform, it requires users to sign in before performing most of its functions. Users are able to select the ads that are on offer for viewing. At the end of each ad, they have to enter a random 4 digit code to claim reward dollars. This reduces the likelihood of ad fraud from bots, securing authentic and unique views from users.

Unlike search engines, websites and social media platforms, V-MORE AdTech can accurately record data from their audiences. It also reduces the clutter of advertisements, allowing the brand advertised to stand out amidst stiff competition. As aforementioned, the platform can trace unique views and also, which of these have been converted into sales. This data empowers the company to respond proactively to the taste and preferences of their audience, resulting in stronger brand loyalty in the long run.

V-MORE plans to create a mutually beneficial climate between their vast amount of users and merchants. A new standard of advertising and promotion may have begun with V-MORE, but perhaps one day, it may influence other channels to establish a new norm in the digital space as we know it.

“We are pursuing a plan of expansion and hope to achieve revenue growth through mass adoption by users and merchants in our ecosystem.” Sir Eldee Tang, CEO and Founder of Noble Vici Group, who also owns V-MORE told Business Insider. “We look forward to new local merchants to come on board our platform and welcome sellers and buyers to experience the online marketplace for the first time.”

With all this, V-MORE AdTech has the capabilities to increase the effectiveness of the marketing dollar.

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