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The world is fighting a pandemic and Singapore is not spared. Singapore, our home, is a small island country with no natural resources. In fact, our only resource is our people, you and I.


It’s during times like these that we realised that the importance and sacrifice of a group of people, our frontliners, especially those providing medical care.


They are literally fighting a war on the frontline now.


Those that require medical care and isolation are housed and taken care of by our brave frontliners in hospitals, community care facilities, community recovery facilities and isolation facilities.

Marble Surface
Will you join in to make a significant difference for our frontline workers?


Against Nurses

Nurses have placed their lives on the line in the fight against COVID-19 and some have been infected as well

Stretched Manpower

Nurses and doctors have worked a total of 40 hours per week in rotational shifts since the pandemic started 

Be Kinder

To Them

Frequently hurled expletives,

or encounter angry patients. Shunned by others

while transmuting

Recognise Their Hard Work

While appreciation has been given through applauding in neighbourhoods, these initiatives can be forgotten


What will we do?


Connecting with relevant authorities to get access to community care facilities, community recovery facilities isolation facilities to set up coffee machines for our frontliners.


Frontliners including medical staff, security staff, cleaning and maintenance staff and more working long hours while donning masks, goggles and PPEs.

Our Team

We will be delivering the coffee machines, restocking the coffee beans and all other operational and logistical duties until the facilities are no longer housing COVID-positive patients.

Discover how you can contribute
to bringing quality breaks for our frontliners and put a rested smile on their face

Sponsor frontliners a BARISTA UNO JUNIOR Premium Coffee Machine today. You sponsor the machine, we sponsor the coffee beans and upkeep.


BARISTA UNO™ believes that coffee is an art. They have travelled the globe to track down the best coffee beans and narrowed it down to a remote plantation with the finest beans from Java, Indonesia.


Every coffee bean is chosen for its quality, and they only roast and brew the best, to ensure that every cup of BARISTA UNO™ Artisan Gourmet Coffee meets the standard of the discerning coffee drinker.


BARISTA UNO™ strives to take everything back to basics by starting with selective hand picked green un-roasted beans and crafting the best tasting and aromatic coffee for enjoyment.


With BARISTA UNO™, the finest fresh artisan gourmet coffee is guaranteed. One taste of their coffee and you will understand why BARISTA UNO™ is the one and only choice.

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