Supporting COVID-affected F&B

Singapore, like the rest of the world has enforced social distancing and movement control to contain the spread of COVID-19 amongst the community. F&B businesses, in particular has taken a great hit.

In the Month of May, we launched an initiative to raise sponsorship dollars for struggling F&Bs to aid them on their marketing and advertising. 

We have worked with almost 30 of them in the short span of a month to help them see results on their ROAS. On average, all saw an increase of 15% in takeaway orders within the first week of leveraging on V-MORE AdTech platform.

Thunderbolt Tea

Each day I have been receiving 40-50 orders and an increase of 10% in my revenue within the first week since my advertisement was uploaded. Additionally, I have sold out my pork lei cha.

Meat & Salt

I'm thankful for the help of V-MORE AdTech. I have an increase in revenue of 5-6% since my advertisement is uploaded onto the V-MORE AdTech.

The Soy Inc.

Ever since we started the ads, we gained great awareness for our 1 for 1 Soy Pud Drinks combo

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