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CASE STUDY: Three's A Crowd

How F&B Businesses Overcome Advertising Fraud with V-MORE AdTech


The Problem: Non-Human Traffic

Fraud can masquerade as impressions which can be as high as 400 million a day costing up to $5.2 million in daily revenue. Ad fraud companies have an arsenal of 1.7 million unique IP addresses from computers infected with malware, making it difficult to track down genuine views. Companies will still need to pay for more despite facing bot clicks, and not from actual viewers. With unreliable data representation, tracking the effectiveness of ad spend is close to impossible. Hence, marketers have been turning to programmatic advertising, otherwise known as advertising technology.

Measuring metrics such as audience, viewability, and Non-Human Traffic (NHT) in marketing can wreak havoc on all aspects of your effectiveness in advertising. Retailers face the challenge of tracking sources of organic traffic while addressing the needs and buying habits of every individual customer. High volume views and reach does not guarantee conversions. The fact that a massive chunk of the advertising market is based on smoke and mirrors, or even outright fraud.


Daily fraudulent impressions


Daily revenue lost due to fraud


Unique IP addresses used for ad fraud

The Solution: Cost-effective advertising by having organic traffic and unique views.

With a one-step sign-up, visitors register with their mobile numbers to become a V-MORE user. V-More users are incentivized to watch and share the adverts on their social media platforms. Based on the IP address information, each unique visitor counts a unique view, regardless of the quantity the individual watches the advert. This helps to greatly reduce non-human traffic.

The Result for Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd came onboard with V-MORE AdTech to increase their organic reach and sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the increased online reach of their new offer, they achieved an 800% ROAS and only paid for the unique views that have spent a minimum amount of time on their ad. Each unique viewer acquisition was US$ 0.20.


Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)


Unique Viewer Acquisition Spend


The results are far greater than what we expected on the family desserts pack. We expected 4 orders in the first week but ended up with 13!

- Three's A Crowd -

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